The 10 Best Job Search Websites in South Africa

How to find the best job search websites in South Africa

In this article we help you find the best job search websites in South Africa. We have listed the top 10 website below to help you in your search for a new career in South Africa.

Job websites are basically a classified listing for job vacancies. The advantage of a jobs website is that you are able to search and apply to jobs from hundreds of companies and recruitment agencies, all from the comfort of your couch.

Job sites provider access to millions of job listings, as well as other resources like resume services, employment and career coaching, helpful blog posts, and so much more.

Ok, enough small talk, here are our top 10 Job Search Websites in South Africa …

The 10 Best Job Search Websites in South Africa of 2022:

1. CareerJunction

2. Pnet

3. Careers24

4. CompuJobs

5. Indeed

6. Jobvine

7. Bestjobs


9 Hotel Jobs

10. Jobmail

What Are Job Search Websites in South Africa?

Job search websites, or job portals, are both search engines and databases for available jobs listed by recruitment agencies and companies. Some even offer additional services for job seekers like career coaching, CV writing and cover letter writing. Job sites help job seekers find employment by listing jobs from multiple companies and recruiters across South Africa. Anyone actively looking for a job should strongly consider using a job portal website to find and apply to as many relevant opportunities as possible.

How Much Do Job Websites Charge in South Africa?

Most job sites are free for job seekers, but some require paid subscriptions. In our opinion, job seekers should never be charged for this service. Additional services, such as resume writing and LinkedIn profile optimization, can be charged for as a premium service.

How Do Job Websites in South Africa Work?

Most job sites are free to search, find and apply for jobs. Simply type in your desired job title and your location to search for career opportunities in your area. However, some job sites require upfront payment to unlock full job search and application privileges. Even with paid job boards like FlexJobs, there is absolutely no guarantee that you will secure a position through the site. It is best to avoid job websites that charge for job seeker services.

Once you’ve applied for a job through a job site, the hiring manager or recruitment agent will review your information and reach out to you if interested. Certain platforms, like LinkedIn, allow employers to reach out to qualified candidates whether or not they’ve applied for an open position with the company. Similarly employers and recruiters can search for candidates on the job portal so always be sure to submit your resume online so that you are visible in these CV searches.

Is It Worth Using a Website to Find Jobs?

Although you can discover opportunities via word of mouth, social media platforms, or company websites, it’s never a bad idea to expand your search across as many channels as possible. You never know where your next career opportunity will come from. Job sites host thousands of openings in one convenient place and can introduce you to positions and companies that you otherwise may not have heard about. While more niche or specialized job sites might not be suitable for every candidate, larger job sites cater to every industry, skill level, and location. And most job sites are free.

How to Choose the Best Websites for Jobs in South Africa

We reviewed all the different job websites before selecting our top picks for the best Job Search Websites in South Africa. To find the best sites, we looked at the number of listings, ease of use, cost, advanced features, job industries, experience levels and reputation. We felt these were the most important features to examine when choosing the best websites for jobs in South Africa

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