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Teyla **** Developer Analyst

Cape Town, South Africa R40 000 / Month Linkedin CV-Teyla-Gray.pdf
Information TechnologyProject Management
  • Nationality: South African
  • Gender: Male
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Employment Level: Intermediate
  • Career Experience: 5 - 10 Years
  • I am an English (home language) speaking male currently based in Cape Town, South Africa. Growing up here has immersed me in different cultures and backgrounds. Consequently, I find myself able to adapt to any culture or workspace.

    I consider myself a fast learner, able to work with deadlines, handle responsibility and be trusted. I work well in a team, being either a team member or leader.

    In my spare time, I enjoy playing video games, browsing the internet or socialising with friends. I try to keep fit with running as well.

    I have good general knowledge skills and won various Olympiads throughout my school career. I am passionate about IT, the internet and all things online. I am excited for yet-to-be-discovered opportunities which make use of technology.

    Innovation, and a good relationship with customers is what I believe to be the foundation of a good business


    2010/2012 BComm Information Management Sciences at Stellenbosch


    2017/2021 Developer Analyst at Softmar

    Softmar is a maritime software company
    specialising in vessel chartering software.
    The role’s high-level duties include gathering,
    analysing and implementing client requirements
    related to the product(s) offered. This is typically
    implemented as business process optimisation
    through ETL and data/system integration.
    Analyst Duties:
    ● Client facing operations
    ● User/business process analysis
    ● System Integration
    ● On-Site/Off-Site work (International)
    ● User training and documentation
    ● Reports and Business Intelligence
    ● Project Management
    Developer Duties:
    ● ETL with Big Data
    ● SQL
    ● Hadoop ecosystem
    ● Agile/Scrum Methodology
    ● Testing
    ● Cloud Services
    ● N-tier systems
    Project Highlights:
    ● Softmar finance integration implementation at
    client based in Tokyo (Inui Global Shipping
    Co.), including a 2-week site visit for final
    ● Finance integration at client based in
    Singapore (OLAM Shipping), including a
    3-week site visit for final go-live

    2015/2017 Systems Analyst at Digiata Technology Services

    Digiata offers custom software solutions for
    companies in the financial industry. The solutions
    involve optimisation and automation of business
    processes. In-house apps were used as
    equivalents to typical Apache tools. I was part of
    the implementation team.
    ● Business requirements elicitation
    ● Business process automation and enrichment
    ● Build and generate reports e.g. investment
    summary letter sent to all clients based on
    report templates
    ● Managing and querying databases using SQL
    ● Big Data ETL using in house apps, equivalent
    to Spark/Hive
    ● Developing user interfaces (Tool Assisted Web
    ● Support
    ● Agile/Scrum
    Project Highlights:
    ● Configured and implemented a system to
    validate data warehouse interface files on a
    large scale (billions of records)
    ● Developed a web service to reverse incorrect
    transactions on a financial market
    automatically, taking daily unit price
    fluctuations into account
    ● Setup a web service to process large value
    financial transactions. This includes file
    download,enrichment, error communication
    and results upload.

    2013/2015 Database Administrator at ADP Marine and Modular (Lycopodium)

    ADP is a mining engineering firm specialising in
    small to medium scale diamond mining operations
    in Southern Africa. I was the administrator of the
    Materials Database Project (working under the
    Project Manager). The project was to set up the
    company’s parts and materials database to be
    used for all their engineering projects. The project
    ran for 2 years.
    ● ERP software
    ● Database design, creation, and maintenance
    (SQL, Microsoft SQL Server, LINQ, Crystal
    Reports, Oracle)
    ● Technical consulting and support
    ● Business and business process analysis
    ● Data capture
    ● Database outputs (report writing and queries)
    ● Business intelligence
    ● Report design and generation (client-side and
    business reporting)
    ● Legacy database data extraction
    ● Front-end design and programming (Web App)
    ● User interface design (Windows applications
    and websites)
    ● Exposure/Adjacent to Cloud Services
    ● Software Development Life Cycle and
    application development
    ● Application testing and documentation
    ● Programming in Visual Basic (MS Visual
    Studio, MS Excel)
    ● Third Party application research, procurement,
    and testing
    ● Documentation and creation of user manuals
    ● Procurement
    ● Optimisation and automation scripts
    ● Software user training
    Project Highlights:
    ● Designed, tested and implemented a mining
    engineering equipment database. The
    database was designed to streamline the
    process of designing new machinery by
    allowing users to store and look up equipment
    details. High precision and data accuracy were