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  • Nationality: South African
  • Gender: Male
  • Ethnicity: African
  • Employment Level: Intermediate
  • Career Experience: 3 - 5 Years
  • I am a self-discipline leader with excellent listening skills. I was fortunate to be provided with an opportunity during my Article’s to start leading audit engagement in my first 6 months of articles, the same manager gave me another opportunity later in the year to lead another project. throughout the past 2.9 years I have led most engagement I found myself partaking in e.g Reatile Group, Royal canin, G4S deposita, Numsa, Royal Haskoning, Sasol, MC Mining, DSV Logistics and WIP-investment. Before university I worked at the Nelspruit Bargaining council as an interpreter, the exposure granted me the opportunity to exercise my communication skills, confidence together with my excellent rapport with individuals of all ages, Recently in my articles I was able to sharpen my communications skills when I was given opportunity to lead meeting , plan project and supervise others being able to communicate with different culture , ranking upper and lower level , client being able to ask probin questions . I am a time cautious a confident individual I have completed my Diploma in Accountancy at the University of Johannesburg. I also managed to complete Advanced Diploma in Accounting Sciences (CTA) and Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Accounting Sciences (CTA) at the University of South Africa. I have also completed initial test of competence (ITC SAICA) and I am currently in process of completing Assessment of Professional Competence (APC SAICA) working towards being a Chartered Accountant. Over the past few years, I have managed to develop exceptional soft skills that are imperative in a working environment. I keep a positive mind towards every aspect of life. Flexibility/adaptability Moving from the one client to another client with different team, different industries and being able to move from one client you work 8 hours to another where you need to work +-12 hours. made me realise that I am ease with adaption to different situations. Being able to lead team virtual from the first time due to COVID19, making sure I offload majority of manager Job. I believe in every situation I find myself I always give the best of my abilities, even when situations are dire. The distinguishing attributes I possess is my ability to stay true to myself together with my integrity. I am creative enthusiastic, self-motivated person. I am a very easy person and trustworthy to get along with others with high work ethics. I like to meet new challenges in life; I like to keep a positive mind. To attract the good in life Problem solving skills recently , I have issue in one of the audit I was book the initial but due to prior working experience with the manager he needed to get from where I am to assist him in completing the file due the was a lot of indifference between the team and client . Team working and strong relationship builder , I have obtain a great relationship with most of the client I have work with to a point in the recent client they have said if I need a referral they are willing to write testimonial or being their reference . I am team player , I have been available to assist when the team needs some help even I have to take my personal time to assist some to complete their I will do my own work at later stage let it be because at the end of the it’s not all about who completed the work first but did the whole team was able to complete the work on time , If each and every individuals win automatically the whole team win Creator, who is not afraid, to start things from scratch, recently registered foundation that has was informally registered in 2016, it has been growing and it currently formally register. Future, i would love to see myself being a Chief financial Officer / Financial director in 3 Year from now and Contributing to the future of upcoming generation through the foundation


    2017 Post graduate diploma in applied accounting science (CTA) at University of South Africa (UNISA)


    22/02/2021 Financial Accountant at Harmony
    30/12/2020 Auditor at PwC