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  • Nationality: South African
  • Gender: Female
  • Ethnicity: African
  • Employment Level: Junior
  • Career Experience: 1 - 2 Years
  • Dear Sir/Madam,

    I hope this letter finds you well.

    My name is Sesethu Myoyo. I hold a BA degree in Film and Media Production, specialising in Screen Production and majoring in Drama, Film and Television studies (UCT). I recently completed BA Honours in film theory and practice specialising in documentary filmmaking (UCT). The courses I studied prepared me to work with advanced cameras such as the Sony HXR-NX5, Sony DSC-RX10, Sony HXR-NX3, Canon Eos 250D, Canon Eos 5D Mark IV as well as Panasonic GH5 amongst others. I developed skills in the following areas: directing, production coordinating, film/TV producing, sound recording, scripts writing for television show as well as short films. I have produced award winning short films such as In Isolation (2018), which won Best Foreign Film at the Flix Reps International Film Festival. My 2019 experimental short film, Umkhonto won Best Short Film and received the Audience Choice Award at the Colors of Texas Film Festival.

    Earlier this year I was a production logger for The Real Houswives of Durban shortly after that I worked as post-production logger and assistant edit producer for international franchise, Love Island South Africa. In 2019, I was enrolled under a UCT programme called Stepping Stone, this programme was an outreach video training provides non-UCT and UCT participants access to introductory training in television and video production while producing material that can be used for educational and public relations purposes by UCT departments. Throughout the course of this programme I became involved on a talk show where I was part of the writing and production team. This talk show format took current affairs, politics and economic hard news stories and transformed them into a talk show format. The show aired on DSTV channel 263 (Cape Town TV) in 2019. As the producer, I facilitated all aspects of finance, production, post-production, and marketing. I was responsible for planning, researching, and inviting guests to the show. I had to ensure that production is completed in time and within budget. I conducted meetings with the crew to discuss production progress and check-ins to ensure production objectives goals are met. Furthermore, I monitored the post-production process to ensure accurate completion.

    In 2018 I volunteered at Cardova Trading for the SABC3 Presenter Search, shortly after that, in the same year, I had the worked on a lifestyle TV show which aired on e-extra (DSTV, channel 195) as a production and social media assistant. This show was called Bokeh TV, and it was shot between Cape Town and Johannesburg, this show did not just expose me to the‘real world’ of television but inspired me to start writing and creating content for television as well. I gained experience on this show as I assisted the producers and production managerwith admin and any logistics of the production. I was also responsible for contacting guestsand sending emails to sponsors of the show. Lastly, I assisted the crew with equipment, and I was responsible for all the social media pages of the show. Thank you for your considerationand time.

    I sincerely hope that this letter has given you a brief insight towards who I am as a person and
    especially who I strive to be as a filmmaker.

    Please let me know if you require any additional information. I hope to hear from you soon.
    Kind regards,
    Sesethu Myoyo
    P: +27 (0) 782850866
    E: sesethumyoyo@gmail.com


    2020-2021 BA Honours in Film Theory and Practice: Specialising in Documentary Filmmaking at University of Cape Town
    2016-2020 BA in Film and Media Production: Specializing in Screen Production- Majoring in Theatre, Film & Television Studies. at University of Cape Town
    2019 Higher Certificate in Video and Studio Training: Multi-Cam at University of Cape Town


    Feb 2021-April 2021 Post-production Logger and Assistant Edit Producer at Rapid Blue

    Transcribe audio and/or footage for editors.
    ● Assist editors with log sheets.
    ● Assist Snr Edit Producers with admin, scheduling and assigning footage.
    ● Assist Snr Edit Producers with facilitating the editing process.
    ● Ensure that all editors have scripts.

    Feb 2021 Production Logger at Let it rain films

    Create a concise document for the editor to pick out key parts.
    Transcribe and log hours of footage during production.
    Make notes of the best footage, key themes. story arc

    August 2020 Camera and Lighting Assistant at Lux and Mode

    Set up and adjust lights during filming and provide basic camera maintenance.
    ● Unload and set up the equipment, ensure camera batteries are charged, cards are ready, monitors working and
    that other camera accessories such as lenses or filters ready for the camera operator.
    ● Labelling tapes and materials as and setting up camera rigs

    March 2020 Set Production Assistant at Atomik Pictures

    Assisting the production manager with admin
    • Assisting the crew with equipment
    • Assisting the first assistant director and attending to actor’s & extras

    June 2019- September 2019 Producer and Floor Manager at UCT TV

    ● Facilitate all aspects of finance, production, post production and marketing. .
    ● Responsible for planning, researching and inviting guests to the show.
    ● Making sure the production is completed in time and within budget.
    ● Conducting meetings with staff to discuss production progress and check-ins to ensure production
    objectives goals are met.
    ● Monitoring the post-production process to ensure accurate completion
    Floor Managing:
    ● Ensure the host and guest(s) meet their cues and the programme runs smoothly.
    ● Checking that equipment is working properly before filming starts and the relevant props are ready.
    ● Ensure that guests know where to go and what to do. Responsible for leading a team of runners and oversee
    other departments, such as props, lighting and sound.

    Nov 2018-Feb 2019 Assistant Casting Director at Isizwe Film Crew and Talent Agency

    Reading the script and to help the casting director to draw up lists of possible actors for the main roles.
    ● Call actors’/extras to check availability and secure/book jobs.
    ● Taking actors’/extras’ headshots.
    ● Sending emails, answering phones and responding to actors’/extras’ messages.

    Feb 2018 Crew Assistant at Cardova Trading

    Assisting contestants with enquiries
    ● Assisting the camera crew with equipment
    ● Assist director and Producer with admin

    June 2018-September 2018 Production and Social Media Assistant at Mercury Productions

    Assisting the producers and production manager with admin
    ● Contacting guests and sending emails to sponsors
    ● Assisting the crew with equipment
    ● Responsible for the social media pages