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  • Nationality: Foreigner (No Work Permit)
  • Gender: Male
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Employment Level: Executive / Director
  • Career Experience: 20+ Years
  • Michael Hurd
    529 Beverley Drive
    Bentilee, Staffordshire
    United Kingdom
    ST2 0QB
    Dear Sir /Madam,

    I am applying to your company for the position as Managing Director as I feel I have the necessary qualifications, abilities and drive to meet your companies demand in the position. I am fully conversant with manufacturing processes and also understand product development processes and AutoCAD. I am also fully conversant in Continuous Improvement and understand what part it plays in manufacturing processes.
    I am conversant in labour planning to meet the manufacturing needs and also conversant in economic order quantities for raw materials. I am also conversant in SAP and warehousing processes, and understand the link between manufacturing and warehousing as they are intertwined from receipt of the raw material through the process of manufacturing to finished good to delivery to the customer on time within budget and to customer satisfaction.
    I hold diplomas in Applied Operations Management, Operations Management, Manufacturing and Product Design, Project Management, Supply chain Management, Business Management and Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Management, Workplace Health and Safety, Electrical Studies and Human Resources.
    I also hold certifications as a Six Sigma Green Belt, a Certificate 2 in Lean Management, Certifications In SAP, Kanban, Kaizen, FiveS, JIT and Consulting Foundations.
    Thank you very much for taking the time to read my application and I hope to hear from you shortly.


    Michael Hurd.


    Feb 2015/Apr 2015 Diploma in Human Resources at Alison

    Cert No: 347-4612494

    Module 1: Human Resources Management
    Module 2: HR Consultants
    Module 3: Job Design and Pay
    Module 4: Recruitment Process
    Module 5: Selection Process
    Module 6: Interview Techniques
    Module 7: Training and Appraisal
    Module 8: Business Culture
    Module 9: Business Ethics
    Module 10: Employee Motivation
    Module 11: Employee Relations
    Module 12: Managing Change
    Module 13: Human Resources Assessment 1
    Module 14: Human Resources Assessment 2
    Module 15: Human Resources Assessment 3
    Module 16: Human Resources Final Assessment

    March 2015/ Jul 2015 Diploma in Business Management and Entrepreneurship at Alison

    Cert No: 262-4612494

    Module 1: Entrepreneurship
    Module 2: Managing large scale organisations
    Module 3: Evaluating organisational performance
    Module 4: Management structures and objectives
    Module 5: Management styles
    Module 6: Change management
    Module 7: Human resource management
    Module 8: The employment cycle
    Module 9: Employee relations
    Module 10: Managing changes to human resource management
    Module 11: Operations management
    Module 12: Operations management strategies
    Module 13: Applying operations management
    Module 14: Project management overview
    Module 15: Project management case study
    Module 16: Project management methodology
    Module 17: Information Technology case study
    Module 18: Project management toolset
    Module 19: Project management tools case study
    Module 20: GANTT charts case study
    Module 21: Project management documentation
    Module 22: Project management documentation case study
    Module 23: System development life cycle
    Module 24: Project management, system development life cycle case study
    Module 25: The planning phase
    Module 26: The planning phase case study
    Module 27: Conducting a feasibility study, case study
    Module 28: The planning phase case study
    Module 29: Project management, the analysis phase
    Module 30: The analysis phase case study
    Module 31: The analysis phase case study 2
    Module 32: The design phase
    Module 33: The design phase case study
    Module 34: The implementation phase
    Module 35: Project management implementation case study
    Module 36: project management implementation case
    Module 37: Project management evaluation case study
    Module 38: Evaluation phase
    Module 39: Project management case study conclusion
    Module 40: Changing information systems
    Module 41: Assessment
    Module 42: Introduction to accounting
    Module 43: Accounting terminology
    Module 44: Accounting principles
    Module 45: Accounting systems
    Module 46: Preparation of reports
    Module 47: Balance day adjustments in the general journal and ledger
    Module 48: Accounting concepts
    Module 49: Accounting information
    Module 50: Accounting issues
    Module 51: Balance day adjustments
    Module 52: Budgeting
    Module 53: Control for debtors and creditors
    Module 54: Historical cash flow statement
    Module 55: Profit and loss statements
    Module 56: Risk in small business
    Module 57: Stock recording and valuation

    Apr 2015/Jul 2015 Diploma in Operations Management at Alison

    Cert No: 345-4612494

    Module 1: What is Operations Management?
    Module 2: Development of Operations Management
    Module 3: The Operations Manager
    Module 4: The Transformation Model
    Module 5: The Boundary of the Operations System
    Module 6: Operations Management Strategies
    Module 7: Applying Operations Management – Inventory and Quality Management
    Module 8: Operations Management Assessment 1
    Module 9: Operations Management Assessment 2
    Module 10: Operations Management End of Course Assessment

    Apr 2015/ Dec 2015 Diploma in Workplace Health and Safety at Alison

    Cert No: 325-4612494

    Module 1: Behavior Based Safety
    Module 2: Workstation Ergonomics
    Module 3: Back Safety
    Module 4: Drug Free Workplace
    Module 5: Managing Safety and Health in Schools
    Module 6: Assessment

    Jan 2016/ Feb 2016 Diploma in Electrical Studies at Alison

    Cert No: 712-4612494

    Module 1: Introduction to the Electrical Trade
    Module 2: Electrical Safety
    Module 3: Electrical Circuits
    Module 4: Electrical Theory
    Module 5: Module 6: Device Boxes
    Module 6: Module 8: Raceways and Fittings
    Module 7: Module 9: Conductors and Cables
    Module 8: Module 11: Basic Electrical Drawings
    Module 9: Module 12: Electrical Test Equipment
    Module 10: Module 5: Diploma in Electrical Studies – First Assessment
    Module 11: Module 10: Diploma in Electrical Studies – Second Assessment
    Module 12: Module 13: Diploma in Electrical Studies – Third Assessment
    Module 13: Module 14: Diploma in Electrical Studies – Final Assessment
    Module 14: Module 7: Hand Bending Conduits

    Aug 2016/ Dec 2016 Diploma in Manufacturing and Product Design at Alison

    Cert No: 349-4612494

    Module 1: Design and Designing
    Module 2: Module 3: Conceptual Design
    Module 3: Module 4: Case Study in Design and Innovation
    Module 4: Module 5: Product Design Specification
    Module 5: Module 6: Product Design
    Module 6: Module 7: Introduction to Manufacturing Processes
    Module 7: Module 8: Manufacturing Processes
    Module 8: Module 9: Manufacturing Process – Casting
    Module 9: Module 10: Manufacturing Process – Forming
    Module 10: Module 11: Manufacturing Process – Cutting
    Module 11: Module 12: Manufacturing Process – Joining
    Module 12: Module 13: Surface Engineering
    Module 13: Module 14: Optical Materials Engineering
    Module 14: Module 2: Models of the Design Process
    Module 15: Product Design Assessment
    Module 16: Manufacturing Assessment
    Module 17: End of Course Assessment

    Aug 2016/ Dec 2016 Diploma in Supply Chain Management at Alison

    Cert No: 771-4612494

    Module 1: Introduction to Supply Chain Management
    Module 2: Supply Chain Ecosystems
    Module 3: Diploma in Supply Chain Management – First Assessment
    Module 4: Supply Chain Design
    Module 5: Supply Chain Risk Management
    Module 6: Diploma in Supply Chain Management – Second Assessment
    Module 7: Diploma in Supply Chain Management – Final Assessment

    Dec 2016/ Feb 2017 Diploma in Project Management at Alison

    Cert No: 276-4612494

    Module 1: Project management overview
    Module 2: Project management case study
    Module 3: Project management methodology
    Module 4: Information Technology case study
    Module 5: Project management toolset
    Module 6: Toolset case study
    Module 7: GANTT charts case study
    Module 8: Project management documentation
    Module 9: Documentation case study
    Module 10: System development life cycle
    Module 11: System development life cycle case study
    Module 12: The planning phase
    Module 13: The planning phase case study
    Module 14: Feasibility study case study
    Module 15: The planning phase case study
    Module 16: The analysis phase
    Module 17: The analysis phase case study
    Module 18: The analysis phase case study 2
    Module 19: The design phase
    Module 20: The design phase case study
    Module 21: The implementation phase
    Module 22: Implementation phase case study 1
    Module 23: Implementation phase case study 2
    Module 24: Evaluation phase case study
    Module 25: The use/evaluation phase
    Module 26: Case study conclusion
    Module 27: Project Management Assessment
    Module 28: Implementation phase case study

    Apr 2017/ Sep 2017 Diploma in Applied Operations Management at Alison

    Cert No: 833-4612494

    Module 1: Module 3: Introduction to Aggregate Planning and Linear Programming
    Module 2: Module 4: Aggregate Planning and the Transportation Model
    Module 3: Module 5: Diploma in Applied Operations Management – First Assessment
    Module 4: Module 6: Introduction to Line Balancing
    Module 5: Module 7: Introduction to Facilities Location
    Module 6: Module 8: Introduction to Inventory Models
    Module 7: Module 9: Understanding EOQ Model
    Module 8: Module 10: Diploma in Applied Operations Management – Second Assessment
    Module 9: Module 11: Diploma in Applied Operations Management – Final Assessment
    Module 10: Module 1: Introduction to Operations Management
    Module 11: Module 2: Introduction to Forecasting Methods

    2018/2018 Diploma in Leadership and Management at Shaw Academy
    2015/ 2015 Certificate Level 2 in Lean Management at Leicester College
    2018/ 2018 Six Sigma Green Belt at Linkedin Learning


    12/07/2017 19/07/2019 Managing Director at Hurd's Business Consulting

    Specialising in Lean Management and Business Coaching.
    • A 10% reduction of waste through Lean Methodologies
    • Gained 7% improvement in quality through reorganization of process workflows
    • Delivered sustainable strategies for future process flow control
    • Planned and developed service excellence standards and procedures
    • Increased overall productivity by 12%

    Feb 2004/ Nov 2017 General Manager/ Project Director at EziPc Pty Ltd

    Design & Manufacture of leading computer hardware
    • Set company vision, mission, values and strategic direction through continual operational improvement
    • Delivered control procedures over all operational aspects including P&L responsibility
    • Increased recruitment and staff development to improve performance for client satisfaction
    • Reduced Cap Ex and maximized profit base from £1million Per Annum after 1 Year.
    • Maintained and Monitoring Budgets of over £2 million per annum.
    • Directly in charge of 8 staff and reported directly to the CEO.

    Feb 1991/ Dec 2003 Logistics and Training Manager at Australian Armed Forces

    • Head of transport and logistics operations within the Schools of Signals.
    • Delivering driver training to enhance staff motivation and morale (6 to 8 courses per year.)
    • Training key personnel in the carriage of dangerous goods.
    • In charge of 12 training staff and up to 60 students per course.

    Apr 1985/ Feb 1991 Relief Operator / Team Leader at General Motors Holden's

    • Driving a safe Production/Manufacturing Operation; sustaining a positive safety and health culture
    • Managing resources, staff, plan activities, maximizing productivity and efficiency.
    • Managing change programs with quality control and engineering functions to ensure engagement for 450 staff