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Job Seeker FAQ - CompuJobs Job Portal - Jobs in South Africa

Job Seeker FAQ

Need help? Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions about using the CompuJobs job portal.

Below are some commonly asked Job Seeker FAQ’s about using the CompuJobs website to find employment and apply to available job listings, submitting a CV and setting up job alerts for new job vacancies. Our Job Seeker FAQ section will grow as we add more content that we feel will help answer some of the most common questions we receive from candidates seeking employment on the  CompuJobs website. Please contact us if your questions are not answered here.

Frequently asked questions:

Yes, there is no charge for using CompuJobs. It is completely free to search jobs, apply to jobs, submit your CV or create a job alert. CompuJobs will never charge a job seeker for any service and no company or recruitment agency is allowed to charge when using our website.  Just register an account and then search and apply to available jobs.

Yes, you will need an account to submit an application to any available jobs. Once you have registered an account you will be able to apply to jobs, save your resume online and set up job alerts so that you can be notified of new job vacancies.

To find a job you can just go to the Search Jobs page. You can browse the available job opportunities or use the filters on the side to narrow down your search.

Applying to a job on the website is quick and easy. To submit your application you just need to hit the “Apply for Jobs” button at the top of the job ad. You will have the option to either complete and use your online resume or to quickly apply by uploading / attaching your own resume file.

Application option 1: Quickly apply by uploading your CV in Word or PDF format.

Application option 2: Complete your online resume and then send your application.

Applying with your own CV is very quick but if you want employers to find you when they search the database then you should complete the online resume.

No, uploading your CV is optional but it is recommended. Having your CV online will let employers and recruiters find you when they search for potential candidates. It also makes life easier when applying to any advertised jobs as you can simply attach your online resume to the application.

Submitting your CV on CompuJobs is very easy. Just hit the Submit Your CV link and fill in the form to add your online resume to our database. Completing your online resume is important if you want employers to find you for work opportunities. You will also have the option to upload your Word or PDF CV document.

An online resume is your CV that is stored online and allows employers and recruiters to find you when looking for candidates or employees. The online resume has various important fields that the employers will use to search the online database. You can also upload your existing CV document in Word or PDF version so that this is quickly available to attach to applications and be ready for download by employers and recruiters.

No, you have the option to either upload your own CV document to attach to the application or to apply using your online resume.

We do suggest completing the online resume if you want employers and recruiters to find you when looking for candidates. When you complete the online resume you will be visible in search results and this will allow employers to headhunt you for open positions that they need to fill.

You can hit the Job Alert link found throughout the website or from within your job seeker account.

When setting up your job alert, you can select your preferred employment location, the job industry and the frequency that you would like to be notified of new job vcancies.

Job hunting can be a stressful business. The best thing to do is to create a job alert so that you are notified by email immediately when new jobs are listed. Some jobs are listed for a very short period before they are filled. Set up a job alert and let the jobs come to you!

Secondly, it is important to understand that not all employers will advertise their job vacancies. Many prefer to headhunt candidates for their job openings. For this reason it is important to complete the online resume and upload your CV so that employers can find you when they search for candidates online. You can submit your resume here.

Make sure that you register a job seeker account on CompuJobs so that you receive emails and job offers from us.

Forgotten your password or just want to set a new password? Just hit the Login button and the click on the Lost Password link.

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