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Free Job Posting Service

Get Your Job Vacancies Online for Free

Free Job Posting Trial

One month free job advertising for South African recruitment agencies and employers.

Prefer a paid job advertising option? Take a look at our Pricing Page.

CompuJobs has always, since its inception in 2007, been committed to offering the most affordable job posting solution.

We also offer basic free job posting trial service to South African recruiters, recruitment agencies and small companies.

The free job posting service provides access to our basic job posting. You will have unlimited access to post jobs and receive applications for a full month.

We will only consider requests from South African based companies for this service.

Please note that free services are subject to approval and given at the discretion of CompuJobs.

Post a Job Free / Free Job Posting

About our free job posting service

Jobs advertised using our free posting service will be published on this website, on our free partner sites and social media channels.

Free jobs will not be distributed via our premium paid partner sites and advertising channels. For the full benefits and maximum exposure of our featured job advertising services, please consider one of our paid job posting options.

Our free service is a good way to test us out and see if you would like to commit to a paid advertising option.

For all available employment services, including featured job posting and recruiter packages, please visit the Employer Pricing page.

How to post a free job

To get started using the free job posting service please do the following:

1. Register

Register an account and then contact us to request the service be added to your account.

2. Company Profile

Complete your company profile via the Add Company link in your account menu.

3. Service Activation

We will do a quick verification and your free service will be activated and ready to use.

Free Job Posting FAQ's

Some commonly asked questions about the free job posting service

Our free service is only available to verified South African recruiters and agencies.

There is no restriction on the number of free jobs allowed using this service.

Our free service will run for 1 month from date of activation.

All jobs are listed for 30 days, unless you mark them as filled before that.

Free jobs will be visible on our job listing pages and via search results . Free jobs will also be distributed to our social media channels and free partner sites.

Please note that free job listings will be displayed below paid job listings and will not be distributed via our premium paid channels.

Sure, we have always been committed to helping independent recruiters and small recruitment agencies. We understand that not everyone has a huge advertising budget.

We cannot guarantee that you will find great talent with our free jobs as it is a limited service. You could try a single paid ad and compare before committing to a long term advertising solution. Take a look at our pricing options here.

Free Job Posting Terms of Use

Only available to verified South African companies and recruitment agencies

Only 1 free service per agency / branch

This service does not include resume search or any additional premium services

Terms & Conditions of our free job advertising service are subject to change without notice. 

Free Job Posting Terms