Free Job Posting in South Africa

Post Jobs free online in South Africa

Free Job Posting in South Africa. Advertise your job vacancies for free online with CompuJobs.

CompuJobs has always, since its inception in 2007, indevoured to help the “small guy”.

We offer free job posting to select South African recruiters / small recruitment agencies working in the South African Recruitment sector.

The free service will run for up to 3 months and include a maximum of 30 job credits for this period.

We will only consider requests from South African based small businesses or independent recruiters that we feel are in need of a free service and only and only one service will be granted per agency / branch.

We have a limited number of free slots available so the service will expire if not used for a period of 30 days. This allows us to offer the service to other recruiters that may need it.

Free Job Posting
Free Job Posting in South Africa

Check out our Free Job Posting in South Africa page for more details on this offer or visit our Job Posting page for all job advertising options.